Text Sources

  • DogoNews: DOGO provides a huge resource of interesting articles for kids that include engaging pictures, vocabulary, and video. You can search for articles by category or by grade level, and articles can be quickly printed, linked to, or embedded.

  • Smithsonian Tween Tribune: Daily news sites for students (K-4th grade/5th-8th grade/9th-12th grade) providing articles related to current events, history, art, and the sciences.

  • New York Times Text to Text: The "text to text" feature pairs well-known excerpts of informative or literary texts with NY Times articles and suggests lessons to teach them

  • New York Times Learning Lab: New York Times kids edition – includes news summaries, science question and answer, who’s who and what’s what features

  • Nobel Prize: Includes Nobel speeches, history of winners and their prizes

  • National Weather Service: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service - click on “Education/Outreach” and then “NOAA Education Page” for information about weather

  • San Diego Zoo: San Diego Zoo’s website offers information on conservation and wildlife information