Daily Five and Cafe

What is the Daily Five?
* structure that helps students develop habits of reading and writing
Click here to learn more about the Daily Five by visiting the Two Sisters website!

What are the components of the Daily Five?
* Read to Self: students reading independently
* Read to Someone: students read together
* Listen to Reading: students listen to reading
* Work on Writing: students work on individual writing pieces
* Word Work: focus on spelling and vocabulary work

Where can I learn more about the Daily Five?
* Daily Five Quick Start Guides
* Daily Five Print Downloads
* Daily Five Videos
* Daily Five book

What is CAFE?
* helps students understand the different strategies that can be used during reading
* the CAFE menu includes comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary strategies
* includes whole class lessons, small group instruction based on needs, individual conferences, and student goal setting

What is the CAFE menu?
* visit the interactive CAFE menu on the Two Sisters website. Click on the individual strategies for more information including downloads, videos, and articles.

What other CAFE resources are available?
* Parent Pipeline: newsletters for parents that include information on specific CAFE strategies
* The Pensive: information on the teacher's conferencing notebook
* CAFE menus: 4 different versions of the CAFE menu* CAFE videos: videos of different parts of CAFE
* CAFE downloads: different files for downloading
* CAFE articles: articles on different topics
* Conferencing: articles, downloads, and videos related to the video topics
* The CAFE book