Teaching Non-Fiction
Common Core Standards for Informational Text
Common Core Performance - Informational Text

Non-Fiction Material in Your Classroom
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Text Features and Text Structures
Text Features
Text Structures

Identifying Main Idea & Determining Importance
Identifying Main Idea
Determining Importance in NF

Teaching Non-Fiction Resources
Constructing Meaning by Nancy Boyles
Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction by Alice Boynton & Wiley Blevins
Nonfiction Reading Power by Adrienne Gear
Strategies That Work by Stephanie Harvey & Ann Goudvis
Comprehension Shouldn’t Be Silent by Michelle Kelley & Nicki Clausen-Grace
Ten Steps to Building College Reading Skills by John Langan
Keys to Literacy by Joan Sedita
“Teaching Expository Text Structure Through Informational Trade Book Retellings” by Barbara Moss – The Reading Teacher
Florida Center for Reading Research (www.fcrr.org)
English Companion by Jim Burke (www.englishcompanion.com)