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Go Noodle
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Educreations: recordable whiteboard – could be used for fluency
Get creative with Educreations!!! Educreations is a cloud based program and FREE iPad app. Teachers and students can use this app to create screen casting videos demonstrating topics/concepts. Using this tool in the classroom will empower students to take charge of their own learning and demonstrate how well they understand content. This takes learning to the creation level, which motivates and challenges students to apply what they know.

Fotobabble: Take a picture and record yourself reading

K12 Times Reading Practice Lite: Timed reading practice ($1.99)

Quick Voice : FLUENCY

Voice memo: FLUENCY

ABC Phonics Rhyming Words Lite: rhyming games to learn/practice phonics by finding pairs of matching words

ABC Phonics Word Family: phonics, spelling, beginning sound, word families, short vowel sounds.

ABC Pocket Phonics: letter writing, letter sounds, sight words

BB Magic Lite: shows how to make connections between letters and sounds, sound out simple words, and spell the words they’ve read.

Build a Word Express: spelling and word building by using letters, letter sounds, or letter names

Cimo Can Spell (Sound Out): Some of the apps 100 words can be sounded out using common phonics rules (i.e. grouped by short vowel, long vowel, bossy R’s, and other vowel team words, and others do not follow those normal rules and must be memorized). This app also uses phonics to help your child learn new words by putting sounds together to make words.

Howie Word Family Lite: word families

Kids Can Spell: letter sounds and first words

Letter Bug: game to help practice letters and spelling

Louie’s Letter Challenge: beginning consonants, final consonants, short vowels at the beginning and in the middle of words
Phonics Awareness: core phonics

Phonics Silly Sentences: Introduces vowel sounds and their letter combinations

Phonics Tic Tac Toe: build language skills in a fast-paced game of tic-tac-toe - interactive game explores vowel sounds, syllables and more.

Phonics Writing and Spelling Lite: flashcards, phonics, handwriting, and spelling

Vowel Lite: vowel game to help learn new words by listening to sounds and building words

Sound Beginnings : Sound Beginnings helps build strong phonics skills and helps develop foundational reading skills through entertaining, interactive games.

Word Complete: Fill in letters to finish words

Word Domino: using word parts to make new words

Word Magic: fill in missing letters in words

Reading - Comprehension
Booksy: Books to read with comprehension questions

MeeGenius! Library of children’s books with interaction supporting reading

Not the Hole Story: incomplete stories that can be finished using comprehension skills and creativity.

Reading Monster Town1: fiction/nonfiction passages with interactive word/sentence games.

Reading Sketch Lite: Interactive reading books
Sight Words
Cimo Spelling (Sight Words): teaches a combination of high frequency and sign words (from the Dolch Sight word list).

Read on Sight: sentence practicing – hear the sentence, watch the words scatter, and then put the words back in place.

Sight Words by Photo Touch: learn sight words by sight, sound, and touch

Sight Words List: Sight words – you can add your own lists of words

Spelling Bug: see, listen, and spell common sight words

Little Speller: Interactive game that helps children learn to read, write, and spell words.

Rocket Speller: forming words, spelling, letter recognition, vocabulary

Spelling City: spelling and vocabulary word work by playing games using any word lists

Spelling Hero: Spelling games

Futaba: word and picture matching game to build and develop vocabulary

Kids Vocab (mind snacks): teaches vocabulary with 9 games kids can play. Games focus on different aspects of vocabulary building.

Vocab Buddy
iCan Write 2: helps children become independent writers

Jumbled Sentences: works on word order of sentences

Show Me

Sentence Magic: free app that helps with basic sentence building and reading
Story Telling/Writing
Puppet Pals: write and record your own stories

Sock Puppets: Use puppets to create stories, etc.

Sparkle Fish: voice recording story completion app... guides students through the story completion process in a new and different way, helpful for those who have trouble getting stories on paper

Tell a Tale: You’ll get the first and the last sentence of a story, three pictures are added and the rest is up to you.

Toontastic: Storytelling – write, draw, and animate your own stories

Word Work/Grammar
Bluster: match rhyming words, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms, homophones, adjectives, and more

Verb Mayham: Verb games – also available for other grammar topics

Wordventure: Similar to MadLibs

Teacher Tools
Book Retriever : app for organizing and borrowing books in classroom libraries – 99 cents

Running Record Calculator Lite: running record calculator, stopwatch, and voice recording

Scholastic Reading Timer: Reading timer app